iSeries Consultancy

Having been involved with supplying training in the IBM Midrange Systems market for over 25 years and with the AS/400 - iSeries since it's inception, our customers have looked on us for support and consultancy on a variation of topics over the years.

We have therefore decided to create a portfolio of services to provide iSeries customers with the support they need to realise the full potential of their iSeries investment.

These services are updated and increased regularly to insure we can continue to support all the latest capabilities and functionality of the iSeries as it becomes available.

We have successfully completed many system migrations and consolidation projects. Having participated in IBM's early ship program, we were amongst the first companies to set-up a dynamic LPAR system at V5R1M0 and now have some of the most experienced LPAR consultants in the country.

In addition to traditional services, we also offer new services like the S-Jump. The S-Jump is a service designed to get you safely from an unsupported release of OS/400 to the latest version, within one upgrade process and one system outage.

We also have our own software offering in RSM (Restricted State Manager), a cost effective solution to scheduling full system backups, reclaim storage, or in fact any job or program you want to run while the system is in a restricted state without the need for staff to be in attendance.

We employ some of the best iSeries consultants available today, consultants that will work with you and support you whenever and wherever you need them. We are only a phone call away.

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