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XML Web Services for RPG Developers

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ATS Automated Training Systems has been developing hands-on training for computer professionals for 30 years. Our award winning products are the most effective for getting you, your staff, and your end-users up to speed.
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What makes our training the most effective?

The "Hands-On" Method Rules! Ever tried reading a book to learn how to play piano or sail a boat? You can't play or sail with confidence until you've actually placed your hands on the keys or the rudder. Reading or watching is fine for getting familiar with a topic. But the only thing that counts is "hands-on" experience. ATS training provides that direct experience. We employ a carefully developed approach to educaton which combines the use of audio, illustrated workbooks and course software containing hands-on exercises. Your people will learn through a "building block" approach.

You save time. The self-paced audio CD format condenses the training, so in half the time you can learn everything that is covered in stand-up classes.

You save money. There is no time away from the job to attend classes, no travel expenses or hotel bills and with the purchase of any one single ATS course you can train as many of your employees as you wish, as often as you need.

Training has never been easier or more convenient. It's like having your own personal trainer by your side. You control when and where you take the training. The hands-on approach is most productive. Using our software you are working on the iSeries-AS/400 and learn by doing in an effective training environment.

You can implement the new techniques immediately. Using the audio as a "guide", you are led step-by-step through the actual tasks required on the job. This real, hands-on, practical experience is obtained by working with the system. Once you have completed the training, you can modify the example and implement the tasks immediately.

Your order is completely risk free. With ATS, you've made the right choice for training.You won't be alone. Over 40,000 companies have used our training. Your peers voted ATS the Buyers Choice Award six years in a row.

All ATS AS/400 audio based courses now also available on Audio CD,
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iSeries AS/400 Product List

AOPS - Startup Operations.....£435
AOP1 - System Operations.....£475
AOP3 - Advanced System Operations.....£475
ASE1 - Security.....£435
AIM2 - Work Management.....£475
ACA1 - Client Access Administration.....£395

APD1 - Program Development.....£315
ACL1 - Control Language Programming.....£635
AIM1 - CL & Programming Techniques.....£635
ASE1 - Security.....£435
AIM2 - Work Management.....£475
ADB1 - Database Administration I (Data Description Specifications).....£635
ADB2 - Database Administration II (Design and Implementation).....£635
ADB3 - SQL/400.....£695
RSQL - Power RPG with SQL.....£455
ARP1 - RPG/400 Programming.....£895
ARG3 - RPG/400 Interactive Programming.....£635
ARG4 - RPG/400 Subfile Programming.....£635
ARG5 - Advanced RPG Programming.....£635
ARP3 - RPG IV Programming.....£555
ARP9 - RPG Skills Accelerator.....£435
RSA2 - RPG Skills Accelerator II.....£435 NEW COURSE
RPGS - ILE RPG Subprocedures.....£435
NAV1 - iSeries Navigator for Programmers V5.R2.....£435
NAV3 - iSeries Navigator for Programmers V5.R3.....£435
RWSA - RPG WEB Skills Accelerator..£435
WDSC - WDSC for RPG Programmers......£435
WDSC - WDSC ( Version 7 - RDi )for RPG Programmers......£435 NEW COURSE
DNET - Developing Microsoft .Net Applications for the iSeries.....£435
XMLR - XML Web Services for RPG Developers.....£775 NEW COURSE
TQRY - TurboQuery/400 Training Module.....£475
ACB2 - COBOL/400 Programming.....£635
ACB3 - Interactive COBOL Programming.....£635
ACB4 - COBOL Subfile Programming.....£635
ACB5 - Advanced COBOL Programming.....£635

AQY1 - Query for Users .....£395
AQY2 - Query for Advanced Users.....£475
TQRY - TurboQuery/400 Training Module.....£475 Free Utility Included
MXL4 - Intergrating Microsoft Excel with your iSeries.....£435
WORD - Microsoft Word with your iSeries.....£395

XMLR - XML Web Services for RPG Developers.....£555 NEW COURSE
WHTM - HTML Coding and Web Site Design.....£395
AWB1 - Web Server Configuration and Operations (HTTP Server).....£555
ACG3 - Net.Data Power.....£595
RWSA - RPG WEB Skills Accelerator.....£435
ACG4 - e-RPG CGI Toolset (CGIDEV2).....£395
AJV1 - Java/400 Introduction.....£895
PJPW - Practical Java Programming for WebSphere.....£895
JRLA - JDBC and Record Level Access with IBM AS/400 Toolbox for Java.....£435
WEBF - WebFacing Now.....£435

OPSB - Operations and Administration Bundle (6 courses).....£2,541
RPGB - RPG Bundle (7 courses).....£3,810
RPG4 - RPGIV New Programmer Bundle (8 courses).....£4,063
RPSB - RPGIV Training Bundle with ILE SubProcedures Worskhop (9 courses).....£4,411
EBIZ - E-Business Skill Set Bundle (7 courses).....£3,595
WEB1 - Pre Websphere Starter (4 courses).....£2,350

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