iSeries (AS/400) Training Classroom Portfolio

This is a complete list of our iSeries (AS/400) Classroom training courses. Courses are grouped into

A complete training programme is likely to involve courses from more than one section.

iSeries (AS/400) Foundation
  iSeries (AS/400) Foundation courses provide a balanced perspective of the iSeries (AS/400), and are particularly suited to IT staff beginning a career on the iSeries (AS/400). The courses are characterised by the strong emphasis on practical work and explanation.  
  iSeries (AS/400) Basic Query 1 day
  iSeries (AS/400) Advanced Query 1 day
    iSeries (AS/400) Overview 1 day
  iSeries (AS/400) Operations 4 days
  iSeries (AS/400) System Facilities 4 days
  iSeries (AS/400) Operations Navigator 1 day


iSeries (AS/400) Programming

  Whether you are learning RPG, CL or Cobol on the iSeries (AS/400), Programming courses are written from a practical perspective, with the emphasis on the rapid development of sound structured programming skills for use within a commercial environment. Courses are characterised by a high practical content.  
  iSeries (AS/400) Program Design 1 day
    iSeries (AS/400) CL Programming 3 days
  iSeries (AS/400) RPG/400 Programming 5 days
  iSeries (AS/400) RPG/400 Advanced Programming 3 days
  iSeries (AS/400) RPGIV Programming 4 days
  iSeries (AS/400) Advanced RPGIV Programming & ILE 4 days
  iSeries (AS/400) Crossover to Modern RPGLE with ILE 3 days
  iSeries (AS/400) Introduction to Subfile Programming 1 day
  iSeries (AS/400) Further Subfile Programming 1 day
  iSeries (AS/400) ILE Fundamentals 2 days
  iSeries (AS/400) Rational Developer for i 2 days
  iSeries (AS/400) RPG IV Programming Update V7R1 & V7R2 Workshop 1 day
  iSeries (AS/400) RPG since V7.1 1 day
  iSeries (AS/400) Java for RPG Programmers 5 days
  iSeries (AS/400) Cobol Programming 5 days
  iSeries (AS/400) Cobol Subfile Programming 3 days
  iSeries (AS/400) Cobol Crossover 4 days


iSeries (AS/400) Database
  Database courses are for programmers and application developers to gain skills in the creation and maintenance of relational databases on the iSeries (AS/400). Significant gains in application performance and development can be obtained with a thorough database knowledge.  
  iSeries (AS/400) Accessing DB2 with SQL 1 day
    iSeries (AS/400) Power RPG with SQL 1 day
  iSeries (AS/400) SQL Foundation Workshop 2 days
  iSeries (AS/400) SQL RPG IV Programming with SQL Workshop 2 days
    iSeries (AS/400) DB2 for i Advanced SQL Programming 3 days
    iSeries (AS/400) IBM i Database Modernisation 4 days
    iSeries (AS/400) IBM DB2 for i SQL Performance Monitoring & Tuning Workshop 3 days
    DB2 for i Technical Forum 3 days


iSeries (AS/400) Administration

  iSeries (AS/400) Administration courses provide the links to advance your skills from day to day use up to day to day management of one or more iSeries (AS/400)'s. The courses are written for delegates who already have practical iSeries (AS/400) experience, and provide further skills training.  
    iSeries (AS/400) Advanced Operations 3 days
  iSeries (AS/400) System Administration 4 days
  iSeries (AS/400) Recovery & Availability Management 3 days
    iSeries (AS/400) Security 1 day
  iSeries (AS/400) Work Managemen and Performance 2 days
  iSeries (AS/400) Operations Navigator 2 days
  iSeries (AS/400) Managemant Central 1 days
    iSeries (AS/400) Performance Analysis & Capacity Planning 4 days
    Logical Partitioning for iSeries POWER - based servers (LPAR) 4 days
  iSeries (AS/400) BRMS Implementation 4 days




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