HTML Coding and Web Site Design

Course Code: WHTM

HTML Coding and Web Site Design is a self-paced, audio-cassette course providing comprehensive practical hands-on training in Web site design principles and HTML coding techniques.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Identify the World Wide Web business concepts.
Understand the HTTP protocol.
Identify and organize Web site informational content.
Create Web site storyboards and design site mechanics.
Define HTML document structure.
Use paragraph and character formatting HTML tags.
Create Hypertext links using anchors and URLs.
Understand and incorporate graphic images, backgrounds, text colors, and imagemaps.
Build tables and forms.
Prompt e-mail from an HTML document.
Identify available multimedia products for the Web.

WWW Concepts
Graphical Qualities of the Web
WWW Growth
The HTTP Protocol
Web Browsers

HTML Concepts
HTML Formatting Tags
HTML Standards
HTML Editors

Web Site Design
Organize Web Site Content
Plan for Web Site Growth
Identify Levels of Interactivity
Create Web Site Storyboards
Define Hyperlink Paths
Document Web Site Mechanics
Identify Site Navigation Concepts
HTML Documents
Define Standard HTML Documents
Format Paragraphs and Breaks
Use Character Formatting Tags
Create Headings
Define Font Sizes
Create Ordered and Unordered Lists

Hypertext Links
Identify the HTTP Address System
Identify Domains and Subdomains
Identify URL Components
Code URLs
Use Reference and Named Anchors
Use Images with Hyperlinks
Use Mailto:

Build Tables
Identify Table Structures
Use Table Tags and Attributes
Define Cell Attributes
Control Borders and Spacing
Using Images on the Web
Identify Image Types
Use Transparent Images
Identify Performance Issues
Incorporate Images and Colors
Identify Image Map Construction
Code Inline Images
Use Background Images

Build Forms
Identify Form Structure
Code Input Fields
Use Menu Select and Option Tags
Use Radio Buttons and Check Boxes
Code Text Areas
Use Submit and Reset Buttons

Individuals who will be creating HTML documents and designing Web sites.

WWW Experience
Web Browser Skills
Text Editor Skills

Self-Instructional Audio-Cassettes


Four Audio-Cassettes
Student Text
Interactive Software
Time Required
Approximately 8 Hours

£ 395