AS/400 Web Server Configuration and Operations

Course Code: AWB1

AS/400 Web Server Configuration and Operations is a self-paced, audio-cassette course providing comprehensive practical hands-on training in the configuration and operations of the IBM HTTP Server for AS/400.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Identify the requirements and security issues for connecting the AS/400 to the Internet.
Configure and Troubleshoot OS/400 TCP/IP.
Configure and Manage the HTTP server.
Set up web log files and identify log analysis tools.
Enable CGI program access.
Enable and use the Workstation Gateway.
Configure multiple web sites (server instances).
Enable and use server-side includes.
Manage OS/400 HTTP server logs and jobs.
Configure password-protected web sites.

IP Addresses
Subnet Masks
Domain and Host Names
Routers and CSU/DSU
Line Types

AS/400 TCP/IP Configuration
Line Descriptions
TCP/IP Interfaces
Default Route
Host and Domain Names
Host Table


Firewall Types
Password Protection
Maintaining Internet Users
and Groups
Validation Lists
Method Masks
Access Control Lists
OS/400 HTTP Server Configuration
HTTP Server Attributes
HTTP Configuration Files
Web Interface vs. Command Line
File Systems
Default Web Directories
Welcome Pages
Directory Browsing
Enabling CGI Access
Enabling WSG Access
Web and WSG Logs
Multiple Instances
Server-Side Includes
Image Maps
User Directories
HTTP Server Management
HTTP Server Jobs
Starting, Restarting, and Stopping
the HTTP Server
Activity Monitoring
Job Trace (Troubleshooting)
Performance Issues
Denial of Service Attacks

TCP/IP Management
Starting and Stopping TCP/IP
Ping Command
Troubleshooting TCP/IP

AS/400 Web Administrators.

Reccomended Prerequisites
AS/400 Operations
Web Browser

Self-Instructional Audio-Cassettes


Eight Audio-Cassettes
Student Text
Interactive Software
Time Required
Approximately 8 Hours

£ 555